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FarCry computer game review

farcry screenshot
farcry renders both indoor and outdoor
environments superbly and seamlessly.
Farcry is an outstanding game. That one statement and a glance at these pictures should be enough for anyone who has not played this FPS to run out to the shops and buy a copy.

Gameplay is set around a series of islands set in the Pacific region of the world. Taking control of drop-out Jack Carver the game player has to shoot his way through many diverse localities varying from jungles to secret bases.
Portrayal of all these areas is superb, the outdoor environments however are simply awesome in their representation provided you have a fair bit of power in your PC.
Filling these expansive enviroments are a rough bunch of hired mercs who have a burning desire to give Jack Carver several new and unwanted orifices. These mercs vary in abilility and firepower but all of them are a serious hazzard.
To counter these foes Carver has a conventional array of arms at his disposal including the standard fare of machine and shot quns, qranades, rocket launchers etc. The game therefore plays fairly similarly to Half Life, which is high praise indeed.

AI of the mercs is above average, they take cover effectively and generally behave in a believable manner. These chaps have the same firepower available as the player so they supply quite a stiff challenge (if the mercenary has a rocket launcher don't bother hiding behind that tree if he knows you're there, the splash damage will be enough to finish you).

Later on in the game some more adversaries arrive on the scene to unload on Carver in addition to the mercs, these are a serious challenge also.
Indoor scene in Farcry
Indoor graphics are advanced. Light shines dynamically of surfaces (the floor in this shot looks very realistic as you move over it), heat sources cause haze and shadows are well done. Screenshots do not convey the effects sufficiently, you need to play the game to see how good it is.
Farcry outside scene
Large expansive outdoor environments are portrayed in Farcry. The sky looks totally real as does the water. The only slight dissapointment is a lack of cloud movement, no wind I guess!.
To run this game you really do need a fairly good PC. The game ran perfectly for me with a AMD 2600 powered computer fitted with 1gb memory and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb. Resolution used was 1024 x 768 and graphic details were turned up mostly to high. At these settings the game looked great.

The programmers have really done the business in rendering huge outdoor areas seamlessly with indoor enviroments whilst still leaving the player with decent frame rates.
farcry palm tree
Get off my beach !
Farcry is unusual in the choices it lets you make. While the game is linear, the paths open to the player are often diverse. Do you take the jeep and go in all quns blazing, sneak up on foot or maybe take the boat.
These options add enormously to the immersion and fun supplied in the game.

These vehicles mentioned above are very well implimented into the game (best so far in a FPS I think). The jeep is well armed and armoured and can fire on the move. The patrol boat has similar armaments to the jeep. Control of the vehicles in Farcry is done with the same buttons and mouse movements as when on foot, it works extremely well.
You will also get to drive off road buggies and inflatable boats amongst others.
Sound is effective and realistic in the game, vehicles sound correct as do the many arms in the game, often the sound of a merc will be the first clue to his location. When using your binoculors you also get to eavesdrop in the same direction. You can get important clues on whats ahead by the sounds you hear in this way as well as listen in on some mercs having a moan to each other.

The replayability of this game is huge. Leave it for a few weeks after completing and the game feels fresh on return thanks to the largely non scripted A.I. and above mentioned alternative paths available in many areas.
Farcry is bit too difficult in a few situations however, but the well placed autosaves come to the player's rescue.
Farcry jeep
Tired of walking, then take the 4x4 jeep
Computer Games SCORECARD

Graphics 9.7/10
Sound 9.1/10
Gameplay 9.3/10
Originality 8/10

Computer Games score 9.4/10

One of the best FPS available, excellent gaming experience.
The game is quite a long one in terms of play hours, expect well over twenty hours of fun. There is the odd under par section in the game (like most games) but generally it is excellent.

Like most computer games made now, Farcry is also playable in multiplayer over a LAN or internet connection. The usual multiplayer features are present and a handful of maps to play on. The game also comes with a level editor, good maps from enthusiasts are already appearing.

Farcry has certainly raised the standard in this type of computer game, it breaks some new ground in it's implimentation of massive environments, integrates vehicles well and is recommended.