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Cheat Codes for GTA3

Cheat mode for GTA3
Type in any of the following cheat codes during the game or at the menu screen (press ESC during gameplay) to activate the relevent cheat. The game will say "Cheat Activated" when you've typed in the correct cheat code.

7MOREPOLICEPLEASE--Get more police on your case.
ANICESETOFWHEELS-- No bodywork on your car, only wheels.
BANGBANGBANG--Exploding cars.
BOOOOORING-- Game play slows down.
CORNERSLIKEMAD--Cornering upgraded.
GESUNDHEIT--100% Life.
GIVEUSATANK--Get given a tank.
GUNSGUNSGUNS--Receive all of the games weapons.
IFIWEREARICHMAN--Receive some extra money.
ILIKEDRESSINGUP--Change your characters face.
ITSALLGOINGMAAD--Turn the people of the city insane.
NOBODYLIKESME--People attack you.
NOPOLICEPLEASE--No police cars.
TURTOISE--100% Armor
WEAPONSFORALL--Everyone gets given a weapon.